Nov 08

The next Chromecast competitor is being made by…Walmart?


Media sticks are all the rage these days. Google had so much success with the ultra-affordable Chromecast that everyone else decided it was a good idea too. Now you can get a Roku and Amazon Fire TV in the stick form factor. The next company to hop on the bandwagon may surprise you. I’ll give you a hint: they have everyday low prices. That’s right, it’s Walmart.

I don’t want to judge a device before it’s even released, but this thing has #FAIL written all over. It’s called “Vudu Spark,” and it does exactly one thing: run Vudu. You don’t get YouTube, or Netflix, or Hulu, or anything else. It’s just Vudu. If you’re not familiar with Vudu it’s a service that allows you to rent movies and TV shows. You can also use it to redeem UltraViolet movies.

Here’s the thing: Vudu is already available on PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iPad, Roku, Blu-ray players, and even Chromecast. All of those devices give you the option to use other apps as well. So why would anyone limit themselves to just Vudu? Expect to see this one-trick pony stacked high at your local Walmart this holiday season.

Oh, and it has a remote. Yippee.

vudu spark remote

[via GigaOM]

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