Apr 28

Nintendo not holding E3 press conference in 2017

Business as usual

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Apr 10

Where to buy the Galaxy S8 in Canada

The Galaxy S8 is officially coming to Canada on April 21, but it’s getting shipped to some people on April 17.

The Galaxy S8 will be available in Canada on April 21, and because it’s one of the most anticipated devices of the year, it will be widely available across the country.

The phone comes in two sizes, the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, with about $80 difference between them.

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Samsung

Samsung is selling both models of the Galaxy S8 directly from its website and in its Samsung Experience stores. The Galaxy S8 itself will be available outright for $1035, while the larger Galaxy S8+ will go for $1115. These are the full retail unsubsidized prices, and will come with a free Gear VR + controller bundle if pre-ordered before April 20.

The phones are available in Midnight Black or Orchid Grey.

See at Samsung Canada

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Rogers

The Galaxy S8 will be available at Rogers starting at $249 on a 2-year Premium+ Tab plan and $489 on a standard Premium Tab plan. It is $1035 outright, which is the standard amount charged by Samsung. The Galaxy S8+ goes for $319 on a 2-year Premium+ Tab plan and $559 on a Premium Tab plan. It matches Samsung at $1115 outright. It’s available in Midnight Black and Orchid Grey and pre-orders will come with a free Gear VR + controller, and six months of Spotify Premium.

See at Rogers

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Telus

Telus is selling the Galaxy S8 for $250 on a 2-year contract with a minimum $90 monthly plan, or $490 with an $80 plan. The Galaxy S8+ goes for $320 on a 2-year contract with a minimum $90 plan, and $560 with an $80 plan. The company plans to give away a free Gear VR and controller with all pre-orders, and will actually begin shipping the phone four days earlier than other carriers, on April 17.

See at Telus

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Bell

Bell is selling the Galaxy S8 for $289.99 on a 2-year plan with a minimum 5GB plan per account, and $489.99 with a minimum 1GB plan per account. It’s also $1034.99 outright. The Galaxy S8+ is $359.99 and $559.99 respectively for the same minimums, plus $1114.99 outright. Like the other carriers, those who pre-order get a free Gear VR and controller, and the company is shipping as early as April 18.

See at Bell

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Videotron

Videotron is selling the Galaxy S8 for $279.95 on a 2-year $90 monthly plan, or $379.95 on a 2-year $80 monthly plan. It is $1029.95 outright, which saves $5 from the retail price elsewhere. The Galaxy S8+ goes for $349.95, $449.95 and $1119.95, respectively for the same minimums. Shipments start on August 17 as well, and those who pre-order — you guessed it — get a Gear VR and controller.

See at Videotron

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Virgin Mobile

The Galaxy S8 on Virgin Mobile goes for a bit more than the other carriers because it is less subsidized; it is $489.99 on a Platinum plan, and $1034.95 outright. The Galaxy S8+ is nowhere in sight on Virgin’s webpage at this point. The GS8 comes with a Gear VR and controller, too.

See at Virgin Mobile

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Koodo

Koodo is selling the Galaxy S8 for $490 on a 2-year contract and $994 outright, the cheapest of all the carriers. The Galaxy S8+ goes for $560 on a 2-year contract, and $1064 outright, also the cheapest of all the carriers. Those who pre-order get a free Gear VR and controller.

See at Koodo

Buy the Galaxy S8 from SaskTel

SaskTel is selling the Galaxy S8 for $249.99, plus $10 per month Plus Pricing, or $449.99, on a 2-year contract. The Galaxy S8+ goes for $319.99 with the same criteria. Everyone that pre-orders gets a free Gear VR and controller, too.

See at SaskTel

Buy the Galaxy S8 from MTS

MTS is offering the Galaxy S8 for a promotional $289.99 on a 2-year term with a $75/month minimum spend plus internet, and $1034.99 outright. The S8+ is $359.99 on the same 2-year term and $1,114.99 outright. Add $200 to those 2-year term prices with a $55 minimum spend and no internet bundle.

See at MTS

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile is making the Galaxy S8 available for $159 on a 2-year contract plus a $35 monthly addition to one’s bill. It’s available for $999 outright, which happens to be the cheapest outright cost in the country. The S8+ is available for $259 on a 2-year term and the same $35 monthly addition (for 24 months). It’s $1,099 outright.

Both versions are available in Midnight Black or Orchid Gray, and come with a free Gear VR + controller combo when ordered before April 20.

See at Freedom Mobile

Buy the Galaxy S8 from Fido

The Galaxy S8 is not yet available for pre-order from Fido.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

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Apr 07

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 ad highlights Infinity Display’s best advantage, fails to address its worst flaw

Samsung is making a big deal about the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display, so much so that it’s the standout feature in almost all its ads, even when they don’t mean for it to be. That’s not a bad thing, though, because it really is pretty nice. The latest Galaxy S8 ad shows how the …

Mar 24

Mint SIM vs. MetroPCS: Which is better for you?

How does Mint SIM stack up against MetroPCS? Here’s our comparison!

Mint SIM and MetroPCS are both mobile virtual network operators — MVNOs for short. They’re known as alternative carriers, offering consumers choices beyond the Big Four (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint).

Switching to an MVNO can save you money because they simply lease coverage from one of the larger networks and resell it to customers. Plans are often prepaid, so you don’t have to worry about overages.

Let’s take a look at two major players — Mint SIM and MetroPCS — and see how they compare to one another.

  • Mint SIM background
  • MetroPCS background
  • Mint SIM plans
  • MetroPCS plans
  • Best phones available from MetroPCS
  • Which should you go with?

Who owns it? Ultra Mobile

Which network does it use? T-Mobile 4G LTE

How long has it been around? Since 2016

Tethering allowed? No

Cheapest plan: $35 for 1 month: 2GB 4G LTE, unlimited nationwide talk, text, and 2G data

Who owns it? T-Mobile

Which network does it use? T-Mobile 4G LTE

How long has it been around? Since 1994 (originally as General Wireless). Merged with T-Mobile in 2012.

Tethering allowed? Yes, on all but the $50 unlimited data plan

Cheapest plan: $30/month: 1GB 4G LTE, unlimited talk, text, and 2G data


list of international rates here.

All plans from MetroPCS feature no annual contracts, with all taxes or regulatory fees included in the price. Voicemail and visual voicemail are included with each plan, along with Caller ID, Call Waiting and 3-way calling.

Music Unlimited is included on $40 and higher rate plans, which lets you stream from 40+ streaming music services including Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Napster, Spotify, and more without it counting against your monthly high-speed data allotment.

4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is included in all plans except for the $50 unlimited plan.

Additional Services

Napster Unlimited Music

For $10 a month, you get unlimited, ad-free access to the Napster app, which allows you to download and play your favorite music for offline listening or stream online. There are ad-free artist radio channels to choose from as well as live radio options available There are millions of songs available to be downloaded.

Mexico Unlimited

Do you have friends or family living in Mexico? Do you often vacation south of the border? For only $5 a month, you can add Mexico Unlimited to your plan and get unlimited calling to and from Mexico to mobile phones and landlines, unlimited data in Mexico just as you would receive in the U.S. (based on your $40, $50, or $60 base rate plan), as well as unlimited text messages, sending and receiving, while in Mexico.

Canada Unlimited

Essentially the same as Mexico Unlimited, except for our pals to the North. For $5 a month, you get unlimited calling to and from Canada (including mobile phones and landlines), unlimited data while in Canada (high-speed data based on your $40, $50, or $60 base rate plan), as well as unlimited text messaging while in Canada.

Value Bundle of Features

For just $5 a month, you can add five features to your account to make life easier. They include:

  • Name ID: Blocks calls from unwanted, restricted, anonymous, private or unknown parties. Also includes Reverse Number Lookup and Real Time Caller ID.
  • International Text Messaging: Send text messages across the globe. Find the full list of countries here.
  • Voicemail to Text: Converts your voicemails to texts and delivers them straight to your phone
  • Call Forwarding: Allows you to forward calls to any local number. Call Forwarding is easy to setup and use for those times when it might come in handy.
  • Unlimited Directory Assistance: Unlimited calls to directory assistance for business and residential listings in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Premium Handset Protection Program

For an added $6 a month, Premium Handset Protection covers your device against loss, theft, damage and out-of-warranty malfunction. Includes access to Lookout Mobile Security Premium, which helps keep your device secure by backing up your data including your contacts, photos and call history, and will also send you an email alert if they suspect your phone has been stolen.

Premium Handset Protection can only be added on the day of activation.

check compatibility first. If you don’t have a phone to bring, we recommend the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7: $549 (after offers)
  • iPhone 7 32GB: $649
  • iPhone 7 128GB: $749
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: $769
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 128GB: $869
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: $299

What is an alternative mobile carrier?

  • What are the advantages of going with an alternative carrier?
  • How to make sure your phone works on a prepaid alternative carrier
  • 8 Important Considerations When Switching To An MVNO
  • These are the cheapest data plans you can buy in the U.S.
  • Mint SIM vs. Cricket Wireless: Which is better for you?
  • Mar 17

    Thumbs-up or thumbs-down? Netflix is bringing some changes to its service

    Plus, a new algorithm system for finding films and shows

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    Mar 07

    Pixel 2: Sketchy rumor suggests Google may remove headphone jack

    Don’t freak out just yet, but there’s a small chance the next Pixel might exclusively use USB-C audio.

    It seems like just about every major phone announcement is accompanied by a rumor that it may ditch the headphone jack and, iPhone-style, force you to buy new headphones or life the #donglelife. Sometimes that’s accurate. Sometimes not so much.

    Today 9to5Google is reporting via a single source — apparently some internal Google documentation — that this year’s Pixel phones will ditch the jack, presumably going with a single USB Type-C port for both charging and audio.

    Multiple models of Pixel 2 are supposedly in development.

    Such a move would be unwelcomed by Android fans wanting to use their own 3.5mm cans with the upcoming phone, as well as highly ironic given the shade thrown on the iPhone’s single lightning port in Google’s own advertising.

    9to5 itself doesn’t seem especially confident in this single-sourced rumor, giving it a 6/10 score, and earlier rumblings have suggested that multiple Pixel 2 models are in testing anyway, which would be entirely understandable more than 9 months out from launch.

    So maybe it’ll happen. Maybe it won’t. In the meantime, be sure to share your thoughts down in the comments — would the removal of the headphone jack make you think twice about buying a future Google phone?

    Mar 07

    Rumor claims the Pixel 2 will drop the headphone jack

    An unverified rumor claims that the second-generation Pixel device will not feature a headphone jack.

    Feb 18

    Sources: TAG Heuer to launch a new connected watch in mid-March

    Tag Heuer Connected Modular to appear March 14, fully customizable and convertible.

    Back in January 2017, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver said the company wanted to release a successor to the $1,500 TAG Connected in May 2017 during an interview with Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Android Central has learned some details about the coming TAG wearable from one of those people “familiar with the matter.”

    Our sources tell us the Tag Connected Modular will arrive March 14, 2017, and have a unique set of features that make it a true one-of-a-kind Wear 2.0 smart watch. The TAG Connected Modular will feature fully customizable lugs complete with a choice of straps and clasps to swap at your convenience. A custom automatic watch head module will allow the wear to switch between the digital connected Android Wear 2.0 body and a more traditional automatic movement.

    TAG Heuer considers the original TAG Connected a successful product citing strong initial sales that exceeded the original goal of moving 20,000 units of the expensive wearable. Biver noted that TAG considers smart watch technology to still be in “the stone age” and there is plenty of future potential in the market. TAG wants to be part of that future.

    We understood that TAG Heuer planned to leverage its strength as a traditional watchmaker by offering to accommodate the variety of styles and wrist sizes found in the different markets it services. A modular customizable timepiece meets and exceeds those goals. With no word on the pricing, we expect this one to be a wearable we can long for and admire from afar. We’ll know more come March.

    Feb 04

    This is Google Home’s big 2017 Super Bowl commercial [VIDEO]

    Earlier this week we learned that Google was paying $5 million to advertise Google Home during the 2017 Super Bowl. Here’s the commercial they plan on airing during the event.

    Feb 03

    How the $500M VR lawsuit might be a good thing for the technology

    Why copyright could pull the Rift from store shelves

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